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    About Us

    We understand that you want to access fresh and quality food ingredients to feed yourself and family with the right nutrition. We also understand how tough it can be to balance family and work especially if you live in a busy city like Lagos.  That’s why Applecart exists! Launched in 2014, Applecart saves you the 3 hours you would otherwise have spent driving to the market, finding parking, navigating cluttered and dirty markets then negotiating with sellers and finally driving back home even before starting to cook! 

    Applecart provides your market on a smartphone so that you can breeze through your shopping list in 5 minutes and receive cleaned, ready-to-cook fresh produce conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

    We especially support women to achieve success on the home front as well as meet their career goals without having to worry about providing healthy meals for their families.

    Plus, for Nigerians living in diaspora, you need not worry about the welfare of your family (parent, siblings, in-law etc.) in Nigeria. We are your plug for delivering foodstuff to them and ensuring they feel your care from thousands of kilometers across the sea.

    Finally, we help corporates source food items on a large scale for special events e.g. end of the year food bundle gifts; for community welfare outreaches e.g. food bundles from as low as N3, 000 for CSR to less-privileged communities or even for daily use e.g. restaurants and hotels.