Here's an easy yet amazingly tasty spaghetti and beef sauce recipe. This recipe is from our friends at DoctooraHealth who are bringing healthcare closer to you. You should check them out!

Now to the recipe, it has a quick prep and cook time of 30minutes and features a combination of easy-to-source ingredients which are of course available on Applecartng.



Carrot 488g (8 mediums)

Rodo pepper 1440g (12 mediums)

Green bell pepper 320g (4 mediums)

Red bell pepper 320g (4 mediums)

Tomatoes 1230g (10 mediums)          

Lime 1 medium

Garlic 8 cloves

Onion 2 mediums

Olive oil 5tsp                       

Beef 500g

Spaghetti 500g


To prepare beef: Cut beef in thin strip, pour in a bowl, sprinkle black pepper powder and salt to taste, keep it.

Dice in cubes the tomatoes, carrot, rodo pepper and garlic in different plates. Cut in strips the red, green bell pepper and onions in different plates.

Get a large saucepan, sprinkle olive in the pan, pour the diced garlic, 1 tsp of stripped onion and stir fry for 5sec. Pour the stripped beef, fry and turn it occasionally for 3-4min till it’s slightly brown.

Add the diced tomatoes, rodo pepper, green, red bell pepper, and stripped onion, salt to taste and cook for 3min. then add cubed carrot to the fried beef. Cook till it’s slightly thick.

Pour water inside a large pot, leave to boil and add the spaghetti. Then add salt to taste and cook for 10min. Strain the spaghetti with the sieve. Serve with the beef sauce on top or by the side of the spaghetti with sliced lime.

*Serve with chilled watermelon juice (optional).

Download the recipe here