The Benefits of Eating Locust Beans

Hi APPLECARTNG lovers and readers! How have you all been? I sincerely apologise for the break in transmission. I have had so much going on with friends, family and myself so I wasn’t able to write. Thank God for the trials. Thank God we overcame them. I can’t help but say I am stronger because of them.

So back to the business of the day- locust beans. It is otherwise known as “iru” amongst the Yoruba people, “dawadawa” among the Hausa people. Many people believe that there is a certain criteria any food must satisfy for it to be certified edible and good to eat. It must smell nice, look good and taste heavenly. Well, locust beans doesn’t meet any of these criteria.

In my opinion (which I’m sure many people will agree with), it doesn’t have a nice smell, plus it’s not so visually-appealing. All these makes some people just forget about it when cooking. But do you know locust beans is beneficial to you in lots of ways? Yes it is and I’ll tell you the benefits because I know you’re dying to know more.

1. It promotes good eyesight: According to the Nigerian Tribune on March 9, 2017, locust beans can help promote better eyesight. This conclusion was derived from local research. So if you know someone with eyesight issues, a good dose of locust beans every now and then can help improve the sight.


2. It helps to control blood pressure: Just about anybody can have a high blood pressure and the rate is becoming increasingly high in Nigeria. According to World Health Organization, “the African region has the highest prevalence of hypertension estimated at 46% of adults aged 25 and above…” But it is possible to reduce the rate. Researchers in Senegal fed some rats locust beans to determine whether it has any effect on blood pressure. The results showed that adequate dose did help reduce arterial blood pressure. This is definitely a good reason to consume more locust beans.



3. It can help weight loss: Locust bean gum contains soluble fibre which has latent advantage for increasing weight loss and managing blood sugar levels. 


4. It can help in the treatment of diarrhea: Locust beans contains tannins. Tannins is a compound found in tea, red wine, chocolate, coffee and certain fruits. Some tannins are antioxidants while others are polyphenols. They fight cavities and protect humans from heart diseases and cavities. Next time you’re down with a bout of diarrhea, consider cooking with locust beans as a method of treatment.