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    Mega Food Bundle

    Mega Food Bundle
    Mega Food Bundle

    This combo contains:

    25L Vegetable oil

    10L Palm oil

    50kg rice

    3.5kg beans (4)

    10kg semo

    4.5kg poundo yam

    Yam Flour 5kg

    3kg Ijebu garri (4)

    3kg Yellow garri (4)

    Knorr seasoning cubes (4 packs)

    210g Tinned tomatoes (10)

    1kg Salt (2)

    Ducros Curry (2)

    Ducros Thyme (2)

    Fruit combo


    5kg beef

    5kg goat

    3 whole chicken

    2 cow leg

    2kg assorted

    Croaker 5kg

    2kg Shaki

    Full stockfish

    Catfish (smoked) pack of 3 (5 packs)

    Crayfish (large pack)

    Egusi (2 large packs)

    Ogbono (large pack)

    Plantain bunch (large) 2

    Yam tuber (4)

    * Quantities included in the food bundle may vary as market prices change