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    Super Food Bundle

    Super Food Bundle
    Super Food Bundle

    This combo contains:

    5L oil

    5L Palm oil

    25kg rice

    3.5kg beans (2)

    2kg semo

    1.8kg poundo yam (1)

    3kg Ijebu garri (1)

    3kg Yellow Garri (1)

    1 pack Knorr seasoning cubes

    210g Tinned tomatoes (6)

    1kg Salt

    Ducros Curry (2)

    Ducros Thyme (2)

    Fruit combo


    3kg beef

    2kg goat

    1 whole chicken

    1kg assorted

    2kg croaker

    Full stockfish

    Catfish (smoked) pack of 3 (2 packs)

    Egusi (large pack)

    Crayfish (large pack)

    Plantain bunch (large)

    Yam tuber (2)

    * Quantities included in the food bundle may vary as market prices change